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Bernie Blore opened Before the Barrel Distillery in August of 2022 after nearly 10 years of distilling experience.  Bernie, a Harborcreek native, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh before beginning his career in Arkansas, where he learned the art of distilling.  After 8 years’ experience in the chemical distillation industry, he moved back to the Erie area in the midst of the pandemic in 2021.  Bernie decided to put that experience to good use by perfecting the art of moonshine distillation.  After over a year of practice (and with the help of Keira, Sissy, and Murphy), Before the Barrel Distillery was born.


Before The Barrel Distillery continues to operate thanks to our world class staff.  Our staff is always hard at work to make sure you enjoy your next visit, even when they appear to be napping.  Learn more about our team players below:

Who We Are


Job: Distiller - making moonshine

Most Prized Possession: suit collection

Favorite Flavor: Aged Corn Moonshine



Job: Bartender - helping you discover flavors you've only dreamed of

Hobbies: swimming, looking out windows, eating green beans

Favorite Flavor: Peaches and Cream



Job: Security - keeping you safe while you shop

Favorite Food: bacon, tacos, cookies

Favorite Flavor: Salted Caramel Pecan


Favorite Flavor: Rodney's Spiced Rum

Special Skills: sleeping

Job: Quality Control - flavoring your spirits to perfection

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