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Apple Pie Moonshine Bottle 750 ML

Apple Pie Moonshine

Grandma’s apple pie is more mature than ever with our Apple Pie Moonshine. A spin on your family’s classic, this popular moonshine flavor boasts a blend of sour, sweet, and warm spice that compliments its potent strength. Born in the USA baby, this drink even has Uncle Sam wanting a sip.


Serving Suggestion:

Apple Pie Moonshine is meant to be sipped straight out of the bottle while sitting around a campfire and sharing the yores of yesteryear.  However, for those looking to drink responsibly, we recommend mixing with apple cider and serving over ice.

Double Down: We also recommend pairing with our Salted Caramel Pecan Moonshine for an added punch of flavor!


Stop into our Corry, Pennsylvania distillery to try one of our apple pie moonshine cocktail creations, and then grab a bottle on your way out! 


Moonshine Proof: 60 (approximate)

Alcohol Content: 28% - 32% abv

  • Shipping Note:

    Due to our licensing, we are not currently able to ship our products. Products can be purchased in our store at 11 S Center St, Corry, PA  16407 or through events that we attend. Please reach out with any questions.

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