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Cinnamon Moonshine Bottle 750ML

Cinnamon Moonshine

Our Cinnamon Moonshine is the perfect guest to turn your next party up a notch! This fiery companion has a nice sizzle that still goes down smooth! Serve it straight up, chilled, or on the rocks! Move over Canada, this American made, 69-proof shine is the #1 cinnamon flavored spirit on the market!


Serving Suggestion:

We use this selection in our fireball cocktail (not to be confused with the inferior canadian whisky brand): here, our mixologists combine cinnamon moonshine, hot pepper honey moonshine, and ginger ale.  Add ingredients to taste and pair with a nearby fire extinguisher. You know, just in case. 


Moonshine Proof: 69 (nice)

Alcohol Content: 34% - 35% abv

  • Shipping Note:

    Due to our licensing, we are not currently able to ship our products. Products can be purchased in our store at 11 S Center St, Corry, PA  16407 or through events that we attend. Please reach out with any questions.

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