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Shine of the Moon 750ml and 375ml bottles

Maple Bacon "Shine of the Moon"

Every so often, the Moon decides to take the center stage and steps in front of the Sun.  On April 8th, 2024 this happened right at our distillery in Corry, PA.  For a few moments, the Moon shined bright, giving us the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse.  After it's conclusion, we realized a new bottle was sitting on our shelf, the aptly named, Shine of the Moon.  Upon tasting it for ourselves, we immediately noted the sweet maple flavor that any syrup enthusiast would enjoy.  However, as  we took a second sip, we also began to pick up the ever so subtle, savory notes of bacon.


Serving Suggestion:

Drink early, drink often.  This uniquely flavored moonshine is perfect for those who like to start their morning the right way.  Make some pancakes, take a shot, and chase it with a glass of orange juice.  Or, if you're in a bit of rush, throw some in your morning coffee.


Moonshine Proof: 60 (approximate)

Alcohol Content: 28% - 32% abv

  • Shipping Note:

    Due to our licensing, we are not currently able to ship our products. Products can be purchased in our store at 11 S Center St, Corry, PA  16407 or through events that we attend. Please reach out with any questions.

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