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Rum Runner's White Rum Bottle 750ML

Rum Runner's White Rum

The Rum Runner, an Erie PA staple, has its main ingredient elevated here with our secret Before the Barrel recipe. Lake Erie beach vibes and good times abound with this white rum, perfect for your rum and coke, Piña Colada, and of course...the Rum Runner cocktail. 


Serving Suggestion:

At our distillery right here in Corry, Pennsylvania, we’ve cooked up a special SPICY Piña Colada, which features rum, our hot pepper honey moonshine, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut. If you're not feeling like some summer fun, our Rum fits in wherever you normally put your Rum.

Rum Proof: 90 (approximate)

Alcohol Content: 43% - 47% abv

  • Shipping Note:

    Due to our licensing, we are not currently able to ship our products. Products can be purchased in our store at 11 S Center St, Corry, PA  16407 or through events that we attend. Please reach out with any questions.

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